About us


Here at Dogs HQ Melbourne, we understand that your dog is an important part of your family. Every dog that walks through our doors is just as important to us as our own 4-legged family member. That is why we take our responsibility in keeping them happy and playing nicely with the other dogs very seriously. Our primary concern is your pets safety. Our team prides themselves in giving you peace of mind, knowing that your dog is getting the exercise and socialization they need with both humans and other dogs. We aim to direct their energy towards good behaviours and help deter some of those less desirable behaviours such as barking and mouthing.  What could be better than having a tired dog at the end of a long day at work that is calm and ready for a cuddle?

Our dog trainers  have all been carefully selected, not only for their training and expertise in various disciplines, but also for their natural affinity with dogs in a pack environment. We all understand the unique needs of your dog and are completely committed to providing our highest level of care and attention in Melbourne & Suburbs.

We take pride in keeping the dogs environment in tip top condition. We have a purpose built dog friendly facility where the dogs can do what dogs do best- RUN AND PLAY! We have multi level tunnels and ramps that are supported by surrounding fencing for their safety and low set platforms to jump on. Our dogs are treated to the finest Australian sheepskin rugs to lie on and soothing music when they need some down time.

We have the latest state of the art antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti skid flooring and we also use a total spectrum disinfectant that, unlike other strong disinfectants on the market, has no adverse side effects on people, animals, or equipment and surfaces. It is ecologically friendly and biodegradable, and kills all types of pathogen – bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporicidal. Happy healthy dogs, staff and environment...everybody wins!